Motorhomes in Coronavirus times. What to do?

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Due to the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the necessary precautions must be taken to prevent the virus from spreading. This implies that, for the moment, we have to stay at home and take care of each other.

"Motorhomes in Coronavirus times. What to do?"

Motorhomes in Coronavirus times

It is a period in which, if we do not have to go to work, we can dedicate it to doing pending things and why not, also to cleaning in depth and restoring our motorhome that has given us so many joys.

Many times we have postponed small arrangements in our mobile home due to lack of time, because now is the time to get down to work and leave it renovated! ready for when you can hit the road for new experiences. It is a good plan to be busy, doing activities at home that can be shared with the family.

Today we share some suggestions to keep your motorhome disinfected, free of viruses, bacteria and humidity. And we will also mention the key points for good maintenance and tuning

Clean countertops, tables, bathroom, skylights, the steering wheel and dashboard of the vehicle, and all places that are in constant contact with our hands. It is also recommended to disinfect the mobile and the TV remote control with a cotton ball and alcohol.

Clean the fridge, disinfect it completely and leave it with the door open to avoid bad odors.

To disinfect, use dilute solutions of bleach or alcohol in a ratio of 70% product and 30% water. If the surfaces are very dirty, clean them first with a soapy solution and then apply the disinfectant.

Ventilate the motorhome, at least once a week open the windows and let the air renew. This will help dry up moisture and prevent the formation of mold and bacteria causing respiratory allergies.

At the time of commissioning, basically you should check filters, oil, fluid level, suspension, condition of the tires and brake system.

Grease the door hinges to avoid annoying squeaks. If the motorhome has not been used for a long time, also apply a little grease to the battery posts to keep it in good condition.

It is very important to emphasize the recommended care to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and keep your social distance. Do not put your hands to your face without having washed them before and if you sneeze or cough, do it on the inside of the elbow.

This time is ideal to learn something new or pick up pending things, and of course, to be positive and plan your future escapades.

If we take care of each other, we will soon enjoy trips and adventures with our loved ones.