"Types of Waves to Practice Surf"

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Types of Waves to Practice Surf

If you are a beginner, to start you can surf in medium waves and once you have some technique and experience you can face bigger waves, over 2 meters. Today we tell you about the parts, sizes and types of waves. One thing to keep in mind is that to measure waves, international boating uses the Douglas scale, but here in the Canary Islands as in Hawaii, we measure the waves from behind. In the rest of Spain the waves are measured from the front, from the base of the water ...

"Rent a Motorhome or Stay at a Hotel?"

5 Feb, 2019

Rent a Motorhome or Stay at a Hotel?

We are already traveling the last days of the month of December, and the holidays and holidays are breathed, announced by the carols that are heard wherever we go in the city. The ...

"How to Fix a Second Hand Surfboard"

24 Nov, 2018

How to Fix a Second Hand Surfboard

If you are thinking about getting a second hand surfboard you will find several benefits, among them logically is the saving of money that implies, in addition you will be recycling a board, ...