"Surf 10 Sports that Have Derived from It"

26 Jun, 2019

Surf 10 Sports that Have Derived from It

Surfing is so exciting and versatile that it has evolved over the years, and nowadays there are other types of water sports that have been derived from it. Maybe you already know or have ...

"The Best Gadgets for Surfers"

24 May, 2019

The Best Gadgets for Surfers

When it comes to surfing, the essential thing is to have gadgets that are practical and comfortable to wear. Since we will be many hours in the water, and the fewer belongings we ...

"Types of Waves to Practice Surf"

24 Apr, 2019

Types of Waves to Practice Surf

If you are a beginner, to start you can surf in medium waves and once you have some technique and experience you can face bigger waves, over 2 meters. Today we tell you ...

"Rent a Motorhome or Stay at a Hotel?"

5 Feb, 2019

Rent a Motorhome or Stay at a Hotel?

We are already traveling the last days of the month of December, and the holidays and holidays are breathed, announced by the carols that are heard wherever we go in the city. The ...