Adapt surfing to confinement: Training without leaving home!

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The pandemic has undoubtedly affected all sectors, including sports. As is publicly known, the virus is transmitted through the drops that infected people expel when they speak, laugh, cough or sneeze. Therefore sharing a medium such as aquatic is quite risky and you will have to wait a little longer to ride waves again.

"Adapt surfing to confinement: Training without leaving home!"

Surfing in Coronavirus Time

Perhaps, and there are only some speculations, surfing must adapt in some way so that it can be practiced with safe distance, so that there are no crowds of surfers waiting for the waves with their boards in one place, or on beaches should be maintained greater separation to take place to put the towel.

It will be seen as follows, when the containment measures are gradually lifted. At the moment, the measures taken by the Government will continue to be followed, where social contact and, logically, also sports, are prohibited.

But that does not mean that you can do exercises at home and make the most of your time to be fit and learn new theoretical techniques, and then apply them in the middle of the waves. At the moment we can only wait and keep moving.

If you are a beginner you can do training exercises at home, to improve your movements and your balance above the table.

And if you are already advanced, you can continue to maintain your exercise routine and incorporate some that help you to have more strength for the row and that favor the increase of power, balance and coordination.

Exercises such as working the legs on fitball, abs, agility ladder and planks will give you more firmness in the core part.

All workouts that help strengthen the joints of the lower extremities, such as balance, static and dynamic, prevent injuries and improve stability. You can practice them with bossu, foam roller or surfsetfitness.

You can also get new cheat ideas by watching videos on platforms like YouTube, movies, or sharing experiences with other surfers through social media.

If you are lucky and have enough space in your house you can practice with a skate or carving. They are excellent options that involve making movements very similar to those made in surfing, and that will serve to improve your balance and exercise many muscles at the same time. If you don’t have much space, getting on a balance board is a good plan. Don’t you have one? Do not worry. Do it yourself with a cylindrical base or ball and place a board on it … and practice, trying not to fall!

Courage, not to fade, soon you can resume your surf sessions and disconnect from everything on top of your board.