Plants that you will Love to have in your Motorhome

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If you like plants and you also have a traveling soul, today we tell you that you can take them with you also when traveling by motorhome.

Logically, not all plants are suitable for survival in a small environment, but there are some species that can be very successful to be your traveling companions, either because of their beauty, their low demand for care or their beneficial properties.

"Plants that you will Love to have in your Motorhome"

Many plants for your motorhome

If the motorhome is your home throughout the year, the plants are a good choice to renew the air, to create a more homely environment and to positively influence the mental and emotional health of the occupants.

If you are only traveling for a certain time, you can also choose plants to take with you. They brighten the atmosphere and will bring warmth to the interior of the motorhome, making your trip more pleasant.

If you work remotely from your motorhome or study, keep in mind that the plants will help you in concentration and focus. They also regulate humidity and ambient temperature.

Some of the plants that are resistant to travel are the Garden Mummy, the Ficus Benjamina, the Snake Plant, the Potus or the Bamboo Palm.

The Sanseviera or Sword of San Jorge has air purifying properties, transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Aloe vera and mini cacti are very decorative, small and do not require much care.

In the case of aloe vera, you can use its leaves as a natural resource to apply in case of skin lesions or cosmetic treatments.

Ferns are highly recommended to have the correct humidity indexes inside the motorhome.

You can also grow edible plants such as aromatic herbs, vegetables and medicinal plants.

You should be careful with certain plants, (such as Dracaena) that can be dangerous or toxic to children or pets.

To prevent the pots from falling down, hold them tightly using a support system, for example placed in the sink or ferns in hanging pots. You can also grow some plants using the Hydroponics system.

If you are going to cross into another country you must know the current regulations on plants. Maybe wherever you want to go, the entry of certain types of plants is prohibited and they are removed or fines of some kind are applied.

The plants bring life and a touch of color in your day to day, creating at the same time a more comfortable and livable space, however small.

Today we name some that are perfect to withstand the conditions of the trip, and you, you know which one you will choose?