How Long do I Need to Learn Surfing?

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The time involved in learning an intense water sport such as surfing is not exactly the same for all beginners, it will depend on many variations, including age, physical condition, previous experience, predisposition to learn, etc.

"How Long do I Need to Learn Surfing?"

Learn Surfing… Do it in less time!

For example, a person who skates or often skis already has the advantage of having a good balance, therefore it will be much easier for him to stand on the surfboard and start catching waves.

It can be said that surfing correctly is a subjective process that depends on each person. Generally, some beginners find it very easy to row, while others take a little longer to master each technique, and getting on a wave can take several months.

Choosing the right equipment is also a factor in how long it takes you to learn to surf. It is advisable to wear a neoprene suit of the appropriate size, since if it is small you will feel very uncomfortable to move and row, and on the contrary, if the suit is one size larger, water will enter and you will feel wet and more heavy.

If you are learning to surf, it will be very helpful to bet on a long surfboard made of foam, mainly because they have greater buoyancy and are more stable, facilitating the row.

If you do not know about the measures, characteristics and materials to take into account when choosing a good board, you can ask for advice in surf schools, more advanced surfing colleagues or in stores dedicated to the sale and rental of boards.

Renting a board to start surfing is a good option, at least until you handle yourself better in the water. After a while, the more practice you have, you can choose the type of board that best suits your surfing style.

Other key factors to shorten learning times are having a good physical condition, which is essential to achieve a proper rowing technique and to have the presence of a good surf instructor, who is qualified and capable of instilling confidence and adapting his teaching style to the different profiles of their students.

The beach you choose for the first practices will also influence the time it takes you to learn. You will find the best conditions on those beaches that have a slow and flat surf, since they allow it to be easier to get to stand on the board. Stay away from reefs and points with strong waves.

If you are learning to surf, keep in mind what we have mentioned today. Remember that with effort and a lot of practice, you will master the techniques and reach your goal.