Exercises that will make you last longer while surfing

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Surfing is a very complete sport that requires staying in shape and being well trained to be able to stay in the water longer, and get on your board quickly to be able to ride that wave that you have been waiting for so much. Sometimes if you don’t do it fast enough, you lose the wave.

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Resist more in your surfing practice

To perfect your techniques and obtain greater performance, it is necessary to do exercises to work strength in the legs and in the core. Only then will you be able to stand on a moving board in record time. Plus, core strength that spans your back and abs is needed to improve stability while on the board.

Here we propose some simple exercises that you probably already know, but many times we forget about their enormous benefits:


Performing a squat routine is essential for surfing. They strengthen your legs and joints. They will help you crouch when doing a bottom turn and flex correctly during a carving.

Begin by squatting with your body weight, exhaling as you go down and inhaling as you go up .. Then you can gradually add some weight.

Push-ups: common and with rotation

Push-ups help you strengthen your shoulders and have a good scapular retraction. They activate the Core and align the spine.

Rotation push-ups consist of doing push-ups, turning one arm up and the body to the side and extending the other hand up.

Strengthening the upper body prevents shoulder injuries and helps you perform better take off and dives.

Dynamic strides

They work the muscle groups of the knee, the extensor muscles of the hips, buttocks, hamstrings and legs. It also strengthens abs.

Turkish Uprising or TGU

With this exercise you will work your abs, arms, buttocks, chest and back. It’s about going from lying on your back on the floor to standing up, while holding a kettlebell with just one hand. It is one of the most complete strength exercises that will help you stay in shape to surf with better performance.

Don’t forget to warm up before starting to exercise. This helps you improve flexibility and mobility, as well as preventing injuries.

If you are a beginner, as a good starting point you can attend a surf school where they will help you improve your technique and guide you to carry out the right physical training for you.

However, if you prefer to do it on your own, you can choose an exercise routine that helps you gain strength for the paddle, speed and power. They will also increase your flexibility and little by little you will be training your muscular endurance, balance and coordination.