Surf trip? Checklist so you don’t forget anything

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If you are already planning to make a getaway to enjoy the best waves, it is very important to plan the trip either within Spain or abroad.

Enjoy your trip!

You must not forget to bring some things that are essential such as personal documentation, that of the vehicle in which you travel and bring certain products that will be of great help on your surf trip.

 Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

– If you travel by car, before leaving you should check the condition of the tires, and check that they have the correct level of air. Also check oil, water and fuel levels. Also make sure the car lighting is working properly.

-Check that you have all the documentation of the vehicle and that of the driver and companions.

-If you travel outside the country, make sure you bring a credit card, virtual money and cash. Don’t forget your driver’s license, papers and car insurance. In addition to the passport and Visa if necessary.

If you take any medication, do not forget to take it with you accompanied by the prescription. Having health insurance is ideal to avoid major problems in the event of an accident. Remember that you must have all the sanitary measures that each community or country requires as security measures against Covid-19.

To enjoy the beach at your destination:

-Bring wax suitable for the water temperature (paraffin or wax), wax comb, invention or leash (also take a spare if you have), surfboard, board cover, neoprene, dent repair kit, insulating tape, fins and fin keys.

 In addition to personal hygiene items, don’t forget to pack a lycra or surf shirt, swim shorts, a beach towel, toilet paper, sunscreen, sunglasses, a mobile phone charger, a flashlight, and insect repellent. If you have GoPro and spare batteries.

It is also essential to carry a first aid kit with band-aids, gauze, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, betadine, aspirin, ibuprofen and antibiotics, among others.

 For your moments out of the water

-Laptop, radio and batteries.

– Reading material.

-Maps to go out and explore the place.

You can live a unique adventure in the destination you choose, depending on your budget you can do local tourism, perform other recreational activities and taste the local cuisine.

Remember that the weight you carry on the trip counts a lot for comfort, so we recommend that you do not carry too many things or unnecessary items. This way you will move more lightly.

Be friendly, share waves and respect local surfers wherever you go. You can make friends and exchange experiences between waves and a beer in the evening. Enjoy your trip!