Motorhomes: What to do if you have a fungus problem

24 Feb 2022 For venturavan. In Sin categoría Comments (0)

Today we will talk about a dreaded enemy for motorhomes: humidity and the formation of fungi. Moisture can take a toll on RVs if they aren’t kept clean, aired out often, and properly insulated.

it’s not healthy

Mold and mildew, which form as a result of condensation in hot and humid environments, can appear in a short time, and if not cleaned in time, can be difficult to remove. At that moment you will know for sure that you are facing a big problem.

If somewhere inside the motorhome smells damp, there are areas with softening or changes in tone, it is very likely that you already have mold or fungus installed in your vehicle. They are usually found in showers, sinks, bathroom and kitchen floors and walls, vents, closets, and window frames or skylights.

To reduce or eliminate fungal growth

– Regularly ventilate the motorhome even during periods of inactivity, thus preventing the motorhome from remaining closed, for example, during the entire winter period if you leave it parked until spring. It is also essential to empty the pipes and water tanks so that they do not leak or explode if the water in them freezes.

-Place a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels controlled.

-After taking a shower, keep the windows and vents open to let the air flow and ventilate the vehicle.

 -If the motorhome is parked and covered with a breathable plastic cover, you can leave the aerators open constantly to help renew the air.

-Place elevators at the rear of the motorhome so that it remains tilted forward and in this way rainwater does not accumulate on the roof, avoiding corrosion due to rust, leaks and fungus.

As we have seen, humidity can be caused by condensation, poor ventilation, spills or water leaks. The formation of fungi, in addition to being an aesthetic problem in the motorhome, also implies other health hazards, since mold and fungi release microscopic spores into the atmosphere that affect the air you breathe, causing allergic reactions and nervous system disorders. 

If you already have fungal problems in your motorhome, try to buy an air purifier to avoid breathing the air with mold spores.

Before the good weather season that invites you to hit the road begins, ventilate and do a thorough cleaning in the spring. This way you can prevent the appearance of mold and fungus, which can damage not only the structure of the vehicle, but also the health of your family and friends.