Tips for an Eco Friendly Motorhome

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Many people believe that a motorhome is not an ecological vehicle, as it leaves a destructive footprint on nature and pollutes with smoke emissions and annoying noises such as generators at night.

Here are some things you can do to make the impact your motorhome has on the environment less:

Eco Friendly Motorhome

Bet on a small motorhome

Compact designs are lighter and use less fuel and electricity since you will have a smaller space to heat or cool.

Do not carry unnecessary things

The more luggage and elements you carry, the heavier the motorhome will be and therefore it will spend more fuel. Try to carry only what is necessary, you will have more space to move around inside the vehicle and it will be easier to organize everything.

Install a solar panel

Solar panels are lightweight and portable, easy to transport, and you can find them at affordable prices. The ideal is to take advantage of the energy of the sun instead of connecting to the network to charge the batteries or for the operation of the refrigerator.

Don’t forget to do vehicle maintenance

Carry out oil changes, air filter replacement, check brakes, rear and front axles, check the correct operation of lights and battery status in a timely manner. Checking that your tire pressures are correct and keeping an eye on the condition of your wheels, among other essential checks, will help you save energy while preventing you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Avoid generating unnecessary waste

Avoid disposable items such as paper plates, cutlery, nylon bags and napkins are single-use items that may be convenient for us to use and throw away, but they pollute the earth a lot. Avoid plastic water bottles, stick to reusable glass bottles instead.

You can isolate the motorhome

Placing double glazing and opting for insulated walls can help maintain a constant temperature for longer inside the vehicle. In this way you will save on electricity for heating.

Drive at a constant speed

Traveling at an average speed of 55 mph is the sweet spot for optimizing fuel use for maximum performance. You will save fuel and you can enjoy a more relaxed trip.

LED bulbs and low consumption appliances

Change the normal bulbs of the motorhome for LED bulbs as they consume less energy and emit less heat. Choose low-energy appliances and turn them off when not in use.

Use non-toxic cleaners

When you have to clean the tanks of the motorhome, bet on using enzyme-based cleaners. They are non-toxic like chemical cleaners so they don’t contain the same contaminants.