Surfing and Wetsuit Allergy: Possible Causes and Solutions

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Surfing is an exciting sport, you can stay in shape while you get to know beautiful beaches and enjoy unique days on the waves. But… what happens if your wetsuit becomes an enemy that causes allergies and irritation as soon as you put it on?

It is a big problem that is often not taken into account or talked about, but in reality it affects more than one surfer.

Wetsuit Allergy? This is for you!

If you’re allergic, your newly purchased wetsuit can cause itchiness and rashes on your arms, neck, armpits, and groin. Symptoms may take a few hours to appear. The skin becomes red, inflamed and irritated causing a lot of discomfort that prevents you from enjoying this sport.

The chemicals used to cure and harden wetsuit rubber can cause allergic contact dermatitis in people who are sensitive to certain chemicals.

Dermatologists can prescribe prescription or over-the-counter antihistamine medications. These can decrease itching and swelling. As well as topical corticosteroids and soothing creams for skin reaction. This condition tends to go away after a couple of days but every time you put on the wetsuit, the allergic reaction can come back.

Keep in mind these simple tips that can help you:

-You can try wearing a thin long-sleeved lycra mesh under the wetsuit so that it does not have direct contact with the skin.

-Try to wear the wetsuit in fresh water such as a lake, or a swimming pool or bathtub. To rule out that the allergy is caused by a substance that has been in the seawater.

-Before use, wash the wetsuit with a neutral detergent to remove chemicals that may be impregnated in it.

-After a session always remember to rinse with fresh water and moisturize your skin. Also rinse the suit with tap water.

-If you have the opportunity to try other neoprene suits, it will be a good option to make sure about which brands or different types of nylon and neoprene may or may not cause an allergic reaction.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who suffers from an allergy to synthetic neoprene, do not be discouraged as there are wetsuits on the market made with 100% natural rubber, which prevent allergies on your skin while being respectful of the environment. It is Yulex Patagonia products that offer wetsuits made with renewable plant-based materials.

In the event of any allergy symptoms, remember to go to the doctor or allergist so that they can do the pertinent tests and thus know exactly what is the substance that causes the allergic reaction.