Motorhomes Cleaning and Small Repairs you Must know How to Do

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On these days of confinement, you probably want to do things that you have pending, and it is a good time to take advantage of the time restoring the motorhome and leaving it ready to go, when you can travel again.

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Do it yourself!

Something essential is to repair the roof of the motorhome. If it has cracks, rust or wear on the joints, it could cause leaks, generating serious problems of humidity or damage to the furniture or the floor.

Depending on the type of roof your motorhome has, you should pay attention to different issues. For example, if you have solar panels on the roof, they need special care so that dirt does not accumulate.

If the motorhome has a fiberglass roof, it must be checked for cracks, otherwise it should be repaired with fiberglass tape and sealant.

If the ceiling is rubber, you can wash it with soap and water. If you have tears or wear, you can apply a waterproof liquid rubber sealant that will give you flexibility

If your motorhome has a metal roof and is damaged, you can repair it with sealing tape, then apply waterproof paint.

Moisture on the walls can be repaired by lifting the plastic paint layer and the insulation up to the outer sheet, to verify the origin of the problem. Sometimes you may need to replace the wooden slats and fill the gaps with polyurethane.

It is also advisable to check the underbody to be able to repair them immediately in case of observing any anomaly.

The motorhome must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to avoid fungus and bad odors. If you use damp cloths or floor mops, don’t forget to let the motorhome ventilate so that all surfaces dry completely.

Thoroughly clean the drinking water tank with a product to eliminate bacteria and fungi, such as purifying tablets. The gray water collection tank can be disinfected by adding pure bleach to control odors.

It is also recommended to do a thorough review to check that all the mechanical components are in good condition.

To take care of the motorhome outside, you can give it a coat of paint that will give it a renewed appearance, while protecting it from corrosion and different weather conditions.

Windows should be sanded, taped, and covered. Then, with the help of a compressor, you can apply the special paint for cars that you like.

You may need professional help to do certain jobs like electrical connections, overhauling bad gas installations, or motorhome motor repairs, but if you can get into small repairs, cleaning and DIY, you will stay busy and active for a few days.