Surf? Tips for Rowing like a Pro!

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Would you like to improve your surfing techniques? If you are a beginner or intermediate, here are some tricks to improve your paddle and reach your goals in less time.

"Surf? Tips for Rowing like a Pro!"Surfing like a Pro!

Surely you have heard of the resistance that water offers when you row, therefore to improve your paddle and release your maximum potential, what you should do is minimize it, sliding properly in the water.

Now how can you effectively minimize resistance? Maintaining a correct posture on the board and distributing the weight evenly.

The ideal position on the board is to lie down in the middle of it, keeping your back arched and with your head upright, managing to be perfectly balanced before you start rowing.

Find the exact point where your board has the maximum buoyancy, since if you are too far back, the tail of the board will be submerged and if on the contrary, you are placed very forward, the tip of the board will sink, creating greater resistance and slowing down progress.

Check if you are balanced by raising both hands out of the water, this way you will notice if you tend to sink somewhere. If this happens, adjust your position on the board until you find total balance.

To paddle properly your hands must enter the water gently, without hitting it. Grab the water so your fingers are slightly apart and loose, but don’t place your hand in a bowl during the grip.

Maintain a steady rhythm, paddling one arm at a time without holding them in tension, gradually flexing your elbows to properly pull. Bring your hand as far back as possible in a straight line during the push.

While you are paddling, keep your torso and head still to increase your speed. Avoid rocking sideways. The feet should always be together to balance on the board.

A tip so that you conserve your energy and can surf for many hours is that when rowing, you should not keep your arms rigid because you will get tired much sooner and you will notice contractures in the shoulders, since they will be supporting the weight of the arms added to the resistance of water in each row.

The ideal way to do the paddling is to bend the arms keeping them close to the rails of the board, this way you will advance faster and catch more waves. To stabilize yourself and have better visibility in the water, separate the chest from the board, keep your head up and remember to keep your feet together.

Now that you know some of the main tricks to achieve an effective row, continue to specialize to stand on your board, practicing maneuvers and catch the best waves in your favorite spots.