Traveling in Motorhome 6 Things that you Should not Take in your Vacations

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Pleasure trips are always exciting and even more if done in a motorhome. It is the way to travel in which you can feel a unique connection with the environment to enjoy it in a more relaxed way, choosing where and when to stop, how long to be in each site and many other advantages that allow us to live a trip to our air.

"Traveling in Motorhome 6 Things that you Should not Take in your Vacations"

Traveling in Motorhome ¿What do you really need?

At the time of making the suitcase and throwing items into our motor home, we usually have a tendency to carry many things, even if we do not use them later. Therefore it is recommended to pack only what is necessary so that afterwards we do not lack space inside the motorhome, which is already reduced in itself.

While we always want to carry things “just in case we need them” or like that phrase that says “better to take it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”, there are certain products, clothes and equipment that we clearly will not need. Some of them are:

1-Glass containers or tableware, ornaments…

Like ceramics, conventional portraits, it is likely to break with the vagaries of the motorhome moving, and then you will have many pieces of crystals on the floor.

You can opt for plastic boats to store all kinds of items and food. The photos can be stuck on the wall, or in the form of magnets attached to the refrigerator.

2-Cookware, household appliances as juice…

Squeezers, cappuccino machines and kitchen robots, they take up a lot of space and are not essential in a trip where you are looking to rediscover the simple and natural.

3-Avoid carrying many gadgets, if the idea is…

Disconnect from the technology to which we are accustomed in everyday life. Instead, bet on table games, balls and books.

4-The same thing happens with the consoles…

Of children’s video games and mobiles. Let them release their imagination by playing outdoors.

5-Classify footwear and clothes that really…

You will need, depending on where you go. It is not necessary to carry the whole wardrobe on your back, especially if there are several members of the travel group.

6-Limit personal hygiene items, not you need…

Many shampoo bottles, masks, perfume bottles, etc. Ideally, each member should bring their toothbrush and only the basic personal products, so as not to stack them in the bathroom and lose space.

Before embarking on the trip, have a complete list of the elements that are basic for each of the travelers and try to save space so that they enjoy greater comfort during the getaway.

Remember that nature offers many recreational options and motorhome trips are truly unique and unforgettable. Enjoy it and make the most of it!