Did you know that Amphibious Motorhomes Already Exist?

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On this occasion we want to share with our colleagues fans of the motorhomes the arrival to the market of an amphibious model, by the hand of the firm Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI).

"Did you know that Amphibious Motorhomes Already Exist?"

¡Amphibious Motorhomes discover it!

They have called it Terra Wind, it is a luxury motorhome with which you can raffle rivers, lakes and face any terrain with the incredible strength of an 8×8, so that nothing gets in the way.

It is designed in fiberglass and steel, has a diesel engine that reaches a maximum speed of approximately 129 km/h on the road or about 13 km/h in the water.

Its size is appropriate for traveling comfortably in it up to 7 or 8 people, while its design is designed to stay in the water, and navigate rivers or lakes.

The cockpit is similar to that of a yacht with all kinds of luxuries, GPS and WiFi. You can see the navigation maps and be in permanent contact through the internet.

Perhaps the only disadvantage so far is that it is not designed to walk in the sea and its price is around one million Euros.

Its interior appeal does not go unnoticed, with walls clad in wood, marble floors and an exquisite decoration. Its living room is spacious, has excellent quality wooden furniture and leather upholstered seats. It also has a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, bathroom, jacuzzi and two comfortable rooms that have double beds, making travel a pleasure.

According to the manufacturers, this motorhome is made to order and the best thing is that it can be designed to suit the client, which makes its models unique and personalized.

It is also a very stable vehicle, since when entering the water it deploys its two lateral floats, making the passage from land to water in a soft and imperceptible way for the occupants.

When the Terra Wind touches the water, the transmission of the wheels is disengaged and the two bronze propellers of its amphibious propulsion system are activated. The transmission remains in a neutral position leaving the steering wheel inoperative, which must be replaced by a joystick, which will be the control element that controls the motorhome while it is sailing in the water.

This amphibian allows you to camp near lakes or rivers and cross them without having to resort to renting a boat. Without a doubt it is a luxury option with excellent features, ideal for lovers of motorhomes and sophistication.

There are no more excuses to travel or geographical limitations, with the Terra Wind you can now take your home on both the water and the land without problems and enjoy a luxurious trip.