Surfing What to Eat Before and After Surfing?

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In the world of surfing it is important to keep fit to give the best in the water. Doing a warm-up before going to catch waves is very important to avoid injuries, as well as lead a healthy life and an adequate diet to the calories that each surfer needs. In this post we will emphasize this last topic.

"Surfing What to Eat Before and After Surfing?"

Surfing eating before and after…

It is known that when we practice physical activities, the demand for energy is greater.

Even if you are a beginner in the world of surfing you should know what to eat and what to drink to obtain the necessary energy, before and after a session.

Spending many hours in the water consumes a lot of energy and a good physical and cardiovascular state is necessary.

To ensure you get the most out of each day, in your diet you should combine protein from healthy sources such as lean meat, fish, nuts and beans.

You can find healthy carbohydrates in breads and whole grains, milk, fruits and vegetables. Fats of healthy origin include seeds, oils, avocados and nuts.

Avoid consuming industrial bakery and very sugary foods. They are sugars that turn into glucose quickly, they will give you a fleeting peak of energy but then you will feel tired and again hungry.

In the morning before getting into the water it is essential that you have breakfast. Although it is something small but it is necessary that your body has a source of energy to get moving. Fruit smoothies are an excellent option, a light breakfast that will help improve your performance.

A banana smoothie with nuts is delicious and will help you fight cramps. You can also choose to take a low-fat yogurt and toast bread with jam, to get to the best waves with lots of energy and motivation.

In the middle of the morning you can have a bowl of oatmeal with raisins, chopped nuts and a glass of orange juice.

For lunch, choose something light like a portion of steamed rice, with shrimp and cooked vegetables.

After surfing you should drink water to recover salts from the body and it is best to choose foods rich in protein and carbohydrates.

During dinner it is preferable to eat green vegetables and avoid foods rich in starch.

For example you can opt for a grilled salmon with vegetables and a glass of milk.

Remember to hydrate well before and after surfing, drink water and always avoid sugary drinks or artificially flavored because they will not provide nutrients.

Surfing in the beautiful Canarian beaches will be a great experience that will motivate you to continue improving your techniques. A good team, a balanced diet and your desire to catch the best waves will be the perfect combination.