Do you Have a Motorhome? Then you Must Know These 4 Things

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For lovers of motorhomes, even if the trip is short it will always be an exciting journey, a different and unforgettable experience. There are certain details, some small but we must take into account to live in the most comfortable way this experience, since it is a small space, which is probably shared with other travelers on board.

In this post we give you some ideas or tips to keep in mind especially if you are new to this world of motorhomes, as they can be very useful.

"Do you have a motorhome? Then you must know these 4 things "

Useful tips for your trip in Motorhome

1- An orderly house on wheels

As a main point, it is necessary to maintain order at all times. Cleaning and organization, for example, are tasks in which all occupants should collaborate to make the most of the trip. By dividing the tasks, this small space will be ordered more quickly and everyone will have more time to dedicate it to other activities.

2- Kitchen safety

Do not leave loose items in the kitchen. It is very important to make sure that everything is properly secured and in its respective place, before hitting the road. It is uncomfortable to have to stop the march just because the pots have fallen, in addition to the noise they cause (especially if it is night and someone can go to sleep) can break and if the motorhome is for rent, then you will have to pay them yourself.

The foam and bubble wrap are excellent protective materials to place between dishes, pans, glasses and glasses and thus avoid being damaged in any way.

3-Pets, adorable travel companions

If you travel with pets, you may have a problem such as scratches on the furniture, footprints with wet or dirty legs on the armchairs or bed. To protect furniture or sofas from sharp nails or hairs, you can cover them with a blanket or duvet cover that you do not use.

Always keep the bathroom door closed. The cats love to put their heads in small spaces like the toilet, garbage cans or kitchen compartments. They are adorable, but very curious and can climb everywhere!

4- During rainy days

Going for walks on rainy days is a good idea to fully enjoy nature and breathe clean air. The inconvenience may arise when returning with feet full of mud. To solve this problem it is a good idea to place a mat to clean the shoes before entering. This will help prevent carpet damage such as moisture stains, mold and odors

These are just a few suggestions to make the most of your next trip in a motorhome and enjoy the stay, while exploring new places. Good trip!