Surf 10 Sports that Have Derived from It

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Surfing is so exciting and versatile that it has evolved over the years, and nowadays there are other types of water sports that have been derived from it.

Maybe you already know or have had the opportunity to practice some of the different modalities that we will name today.

"Surf 10 Sports that Have Derived from It"

Surf sports that it has inspired


Created in 1971, in this modality waves are taken with a flexible board smaller than those of Surf, they must not exceed 1.52m.

Depending on the position that is adopted on the table, you can differentiate 3 different styles: Lying (Prone), standing on the board (Stand up) or kneeling on one leg (Dropknee).


It is one of the oldest practices similar to surfing, for this you should catch the waves only with some fins while your own body makes a board. “Kaha Nalu” is her original Hawaiian name.

3-River Surf

It is an extreme sport in fresh water, where surfing is practiced dominating the largest rivers. In the rivers you can find waves of mouth that are those that are formed in the mouth of the rivers and are caused by the tide of the ocean; and the standing waves, which are formed by the increase in the influx of flow.


This modality consists of standing on a board of at least 2.74m.

5-Town-in Surf

In this modality the surfer is driven by a water bike so that he can catch the wave and then slide without help.

And Five more…

1-Kayak surfing

In this modality dating back to the ’30s, two styles of water sports, surfing and kayaking have been merged. Surfing kayaking consists of catching waves, riding a kayak and driving with the help of a short paddle.

2-Stand Up Paddle Surf

This sport, which is currently a trend, was born in the 60s. It consists of sliding on the water while standing on a long board and moving forward with the help of an oar.


Waves of knees with fins are surfed on a short board. You can also practice the Kneeboard being pulled by a cable, in cableski or boat.

4-Tandem Surf

It is practiced on a table designed for two people to surf at the same time.

5-Adapted Surfing

It is a surfing modality that is booming, national and world championships are organized. This inclusive sport allows people with some physical disability to also enjoy the pleasure of surfing the waves.

The recent National Meeting of Adapted Surfing has been held in the Cantabrian municipality of Ribamontán al Mar and has had the organization of the Cantabrian Federation and the sponsorship of the Cantabrian Surf School. He had about 50 participants with some visual, intellectual, auditory, physical or physical disabilities.