Motorhome: Solutions to common problems

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Like any vehicle, the motorhome needs maintenance to be able to continue rolling on the road. It needs the utmost care because in addition to being a vehicle, it is also our home.

Motorhome: Solutions to common problems

Are you Traveling in Motorhome? Bye bye problems!

Here we talk about how to solve some of the main problems that motorhomes often present.

Water leaks or leaks

If leaks appear on the roof in the rainy months, they must be repaired immediately as corrosion can cause serious damage to your motorhome. These damages can affect the bodywork or the interior.

The sheet metal can begin to rust and corrode to weaken the structure. And inside, the damage can be seen as stains of moisture, fungus or the appearance of rust on those accessories that are made of metal.

Preventive maintenance is the solution that will help you combat the threat of water damage. When you return from each trip, check every corner for moisture. Under the rugs, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Also check weatherstripping on doors, skylights and windows.

You can apply a coat of roof sealer once a year and be vigilant for signs of damage and addressing them early – this will prevent major problems in your motorhome.

Failures in electrical connections

Verify the state of the battery, charge and the state of terminals and cables since it is the heart of the motorhome, it is not only the source of energy for the engine but also the one that feeds the internal use of the vehicle.

Even water can also cause dangerous short circuits in the internal electrical system. If there are electrical faults and you do not feel capable of solving them, it is better to seek professional help.

Check that you have gas

It is essential to check the cylinder to verify that it is charged and if you leave Spain remember to bring an adapter in case you have to buy a cylinder during the trip and it comes with a different coupling.

Bad smells?

You can avoid this annoying problem by performing a monthly maintenance of the deposits of the motorhome.

In the clean water tank you can put an effervescent potabilization tablet in the full tank and let it act for a few hours.

The gray water is cleaned by pouring a special additive through the drains of the sink, shower and bathroom.

And when the sewage tank is emptied, a pill is added to prevent odors and promote decomposition.

The key: always be prepared

Check the condition of the tires before leaving and during the trip. Check that the pressure levels are adequate. Bring a suitcase with basic tools in case you have to change a tire or solve an unforeseen breakdown.