Surfing could change your life

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If you are a surfer, you will know that this sport is unique and carries a whole philosophy of life. You connect with nature to the fullest and it helps you improve in various aspects.

Couple holding surfboards looking at ocean at the beach

Surf and life

If you have not yet started in the world of surfing or you are a beginner, here we tell you what are the reasons why we say that surfing could change your life.

1. You connect with the environment in a unique way

You recognize when the tide is low or high. You learn the wind and wave directions that indicate a storm is approaching and therefore affect your sessions.

In addition, you will be more aware than ever of the weather forecast and you can even have an application installed on your mobile to be always informed.

2. You have respect for nature

Being in the middle of the waves you feel the immensity of the sea and its enormous power. After all you are just a little human floating on his board and at any moment the sea could mercilessly throw you anywhere like a beach ball.

3. You see life with different eyes

Being so busy in our daily routine does not allow us to appreciate little things like a sunset. It seems something very simple but if you are a surfer you will see many sunsets from your board and you will know how beautiful it is to feel that moment of peace and tranquility, which the city does not allow us to appreciate.

4. Surfing highlights your most patient and persevering side

The world turns faster and faster and patience is lost more often. We want everything now, everything to be done quickly and any lack of dynamism makes us hysterical.

When you surf, you cannot control anything since you are at the mercy of the sea and you can spend hours waiting for the perfect wave to arrive. In a way you cultivate patience and in the process you begin to value other things that you did not appreciate before.

5. Your body and health are benefited

Surfing is an incredibly complete exercise, you work your muscles intensely while developing balance and flexibility. Your body will be grateful and you will stay in shape. In addition, it is worth noting the positive effects of the sun and salt water that they have on your skin.

If you surf in spots with hot climates, you are lucky since you will enjoy almost the whole year being tanned and very healthy with vitamin D that provides many benefits to our body.

6. You will be part of a community

You will be part of a great community of surfers who will give you their support when you need it and will teach you the keys and rules of each spot. Surfing is undoubtedly a lifestyle that can change you.