Motorhome and Winter Care Related to Water

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If you are an adventurer lover of nature and decide to travel in the months of low temperatures and constant rain, today we give you some ideas on how to avoid some of the winter problems that you may have regarding water, so you will be able to use it without problems the sink, the shower or the sink.

"Motorhome and Winter Care Related to Water"

Motorhome and Winter Take note!

  • When the temperature is very low, it is recommended that you leave the stopcock open to prevent it from breaking, or that a crack in the pipe be opened, since the water when frozen increases its volume.

– Before going to bed do not forget to empty the taps, so that they do not freeze the water they may have inside. This way, neither the pipes nor the taps will burst. How to do it correctly? Then you must disconnect the pump and then open the taps so that the water left in the pipes comes out.

– It is also important that you do not forget to line the outer pipes of the drain with insulation, to help avoid the freezing of the water.

– If you need to have more water in your motorhome, it is possible to install an auxiliary tank quickly and easily. It is usually installed through the tailgate and connected to the source tank by a pipe and a water pump. This pump is activated in case the first tank is empty, doubling the water reserves to about 120 liters more of clean water.

A specialist in the subject can advise you better on what is the suitable size of the deposit that you must install, since it is going to increase the weight of the motorhome.

And if your plan is to park the motorhome for a few months, keep these recommendations in mind so that your motor home stays in good condition and is ready to be used in the next season:

-The ideal is to keep it indoors during the cold months, to prevent water and low temperatures from causing damage.

-If you have no other option than to leave it outdoors, you must empty all the deposits in an authorized place so that, in case of freezing, the pipes or the water pump will not be damaged. Leave the faucets open with the water pump disconnected.

-If your motorhome is going to stand for a long period of time, it is essential to ventilate it often and check if there is moisture inside.

-Leave the cupboards half-open to allow air to circulate and so that there are no bad odors. Lubricate door seals and locks with an absorbent product to prevent moisture problems.

Following these tips you will enjoy a well maintained motorhome and ready to start the trip whenever you want.