Motorhome or Camper? Tips to decide

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You are clear that you like the freedom to travel that a motorhome offers, but if you still do not know which mobile vehicle to choose, here we can help you find an answer to that question.

Motorhome or Camper? Tips to decide

Motorhome or Camper?

We will tell you about the differences between motorhome and camper, their benefits and prices. You can choose taking into account your needs and expectations to have an unforgettable trip.


Campers are vans whose rear part has been adapted to live inside it, but motorhomes have an independent module that acts as a home. They are designed to live in them, so in a motorhome you will have good space for storage and to comfortably organize all your things. In addition, the kitchen and bathroom are more comfortable in the motorhome.


A motorhome has a higher price than a camper because you buy a new vehicle, equipment and furniture at the same time. On the other hand, the camper van will generally have a cheaper price.

You can also find campers with bathroom, kitchen, double beds and shower, everything will depend on what you want to spend.


If we talk about size, motorhomes are larger than camper vans. There are three types of motorhomes: nasturtiums, profiled and integral.

At the same time, campervans are more discreet, they have a reduced size with some limitations in comfort for travelers, but there are many models and the level of comfort varies according to the level of preparation of the van.

They have other advantages such as being smaller, they are easier to drive, park or be able to park in your garage and spend the night in places where motorhomes cannot.

Fuel consumption

Motorhomes, being larger, weigh more and consume more fuel than camper vans, around more than 10L / 100km. The speed limits are the same as a car, if its MMA is less than 3500kg.

If your idea is to save on vacation, camper vans are more affordable when traveling, since they consume an average of 8L / 100km.

As we have seen, both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the final choice will depend on your needs and budget. If you need an inexpensive vehicle to travel sporadically, doing rural tourism, camping or simply touring cities, we recommend choosing a campervan.

If, on the contrary, you organize your family trips with long travel routes and you need a vehicle that provides comfort and comfort to spend many hours and days inside it, you should definitely bet on a motorhome. Also if you need more space you can add a trailer.

Now that you know more about each of these mobile homes, we hope you can make up your mind and start the trip, enjoying the freedom and autonomy they offer.