How to Fix a Second Hand Surfboard

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If you are thinking about getting a second hand surfboard you will find several benefits, among them logically is the saving of money that implies, in addition you will be recycling a board, which is a gesture that contributes to the environment.

"How to Fix a Second Hand Surfboard"

Fix a surfboard or buy new?

Check the board used before buying it, some are kept in good condition but others are so damaged that it is not worth spending money to repair them.

Ask the seller if he has already had many hits or repairs, remove all doubts before closing the operation. Have a complete revision of the table and carefully look for marks and cracks. The most advisable thing is to avoid the tables that are damaged in the rails, since it is a sign that they probably have little time left of use.

Once you have obtained your surfboard second hand comes the restoration stage to catch waves as soon as possible. By restoring it with your own hands, you will be able to fully understand your table, creating a greater connection. It will be motivating to be able to make the necessary adjustments and customize it to your liking.

When you finally get ready to fix a used surfboard, you should know that most of them are made with materials that are synthetic. There are polyester and Epoxy boards, both made with a foam core.

If you see that the board has small punches and you need to make a quick repair, you can cover the imperfections with resin and leave the board in the sun. Once the resin has been activated with the sun and has hardened, then it would only be necessary to sand the asperities.

A deeper and more suitable arrangement consists of reinforcing the strength of the board in those areas where it is cracked and with considerable damage. Place a fiberglass cloth cut to size as needed for repair cover it with resin and let it dry in the sun. Then you should sand and repeat the operation.

Consider the type of resin you will use to repair, since Epoxy resin is suitable for Epoxy and also polyester boards. However, polyester resin is not suitable for Epoxy tables and could ruin them. In case you have doubts about what material your used table is made of, it is best to use epoxy resin to avoid any kind of problems.

After you have finished with the repair work, it is best to get a protective cover to transport it to the beach. This will help you keep the surfboard in good condition for longer avoiding the typical damages caused by bumps and scratches. Ready to Surf?