9 Tips for Skiers Traveling with Their Motorhome

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If you are a lover of the mountains, of winter and of motorhome trips, then it is very likely that you have in mind to make a break this season, to enjoy some relaxing days in a winter resort.

It is very important to take all the necessary precautions to avoid inconveniences during the trip. Today we give you some tips that can be of help in the preparation of your winter adventure.

"9 Tips for Skiers Traveling with Their Motorhome"

Your trip to the snow in campervan!

  • Prepare in advance everything necessary for the rainy season, cold weather and snow. If your motorhome model does not have a double floor to protect discharge valves and water tanks, place a good insulation in the external water tanks to avoid freezing. Expandable aerosol foam or double layer bubble sheets are the most suitable insulators.
  • Before leaving, make a complete inspection of the motorhome, protect the engine from the cold with a good antifreeze liquid. Take snow chains and make sure the tires are suitable for driving on icy roads. That will guarantee you a pleasant and safe trip.
  • Check the condition of the roads and the weather forecast for the days you are going to travel.
  • To avoid suffering from cold inside the motorhome, it is best to have good insulation and use heating. The use of propane gas is recommended, since butane will not work at very low temperatures.
  • Make sure you maintain adequate ventilation to avoid problems of inhaling toxic gases.
  • Take warm bedding, comforters and extra blankets. A first aid kit, extra gloves, bottled water, flashlights, extra batteries and a snow shovel are some of the elements that are very useful on the mountain. Taking a ladder will allow you to remove snow from the roof of the motorhome.
  • Walk carefully on snow and ice, always wearing the right clothes and keeping dry, since wet clothes provide less insulation.
  • When weather conditions worsen, it is recommended to drive only if it is really necessary. As far as possible, we must try to drive only during the day because at night not only the visibility on the road worsens, but the cold is much more extreme and can damage the motorhome engine.
  • If you get stuck in a storm, it is best to stay inside the motorhome and not start until it passes.

If you still do not have a motorhome to make the trip, if you are going to buy or rent one, keep in mind that class A are ideal for snowy and cold climates. Good trip!