Top 10: The Best Surf Spots in Fuerteventura

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Fuerteventura is a beautiful island, where you can make thousands of activities including surfing, because it has strong waves that make it the favorite of thousands of tourists every year. It is considered the best place in Europe for surfing. The spots are the places to practice this sport. They are around the island to suit both professionals and beginners. A lot of celebrities choose Fuerteventura as a destination for outdoor activities, where the waves are riding on their colorful tables.

The period from October to April is a season of great waves for professional surfers. But even then, there are always beaches available for beginners.

"Top 10: los mejores puntos de surf en Fuerteventura"

Top 10 spots in Fuerteventura

1- Flag Beach

These 6.5 kilometer of long white beach like snow are a true wonder for kite surfers, windsurfers and surfers in general. The best time for lovers of the wind is from March to November. For surfers, in winter. The place is suitable for beginners and intermediate level surfers.

2- Bristol

It is ideal for wave runners intermediate and advanced degree. In winter, often the highest waves rise.

3- El Cotillo

It is located in the north of the island. In winter, the sandy bottom is very choppy, producing powerful waves and new trends. It is a good place for intermediate and higher levels of surfing. In summer, it is the perfect place for beginners.

4- El Tubero

This beach offers great waves with good peak for intermediate and beginner surfers.

5- Punta Elena

Reef break has several peaks. One of them is called Rocky Point, and is a training ground. The other two are suitable for intermediate or higher surfer levels.

"Top 10: los mejores puntos de surf en Fuerteventura"

Spots surf Fuerteventura, 5 more…

6- La Caleta

It is frequented by beginners. It works in the autumn and winter season.#

7- Bubble

It has one of the heaviest coral reefs of the island. It has fast waves. You have to go carefully down the cliffs by the sea. It is recommended for advanced and professional surfers, is only enabled in winter.

8- Right Germany

It has a jump reef with an entrance and exit a little bit complicated. Its strong currents are caused by the steep waves. Its waves are for intermediate surfers with carrying confidence. You should go in autumn and winter.

9- La Generosa

It has a slope for intermediate and advanced surfers. The best waves leads in autumn and winter time.

10- Majanicho

On this beach you have to go carefully with strong currents. It is an excellent point for intermediate and advanced surfers. Best waves are in autumn, winter and summer.