Budget for traveling on vacation in a motorhome

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Travel trends are changing, lately people are choosing to travel with the family, by road, to quiet places surrounded by nature.

Vacation in a motorhome

Freedom is being valued and betting on sharing more quality moments with loved ones. For all this, a motorhome is the ideal resource that gives you the independence you are looking for.

Surely you are already thinking about vacations or getaways for this season. And the good weather lends itself to going outdoors and having adventures, always respecting the restrictions due to the pandemic.

Before leaving, planning is essential to be able to calculate how much a motorhome holiday is going to cost us.

When making the budget, factors influencing the final price must be taken into account, such as what type of motorhome we have or which one we plan to rent, knowing well the fuel consumption it has, how many people are going to travel and how many kilometers we will do according to our itinerary.

If you are one of the lucky ones who already has a motorhome, you will surely already know how much fuel it consumes and more or less you already have an idea of ​​the budget you need, especially if you have already traveled in it. But if your case is different and you need to rent a motorhome to go out for a getaway, you should know that:

– As a general rule of thumb, the bigger and more equipped it is, the higher it will cost per day.

-The season of the year in which you are going to rent the motorhome and the number of days will also influence the budget. In general, in summer, going to the coast is more expensive. Also holidays, bridges or weekends.

-You must take into account the cost you will have to spend the night in authorized service areas.

-You will travel more relaxed having insurance which covers you in case something happens to the rented motorhome.

You can keep track of food expenses, these will depend on how many people there are and if you are going to cook in the motorhome (if you rent one that has a kitchen and refrigerator), or if you prefer to eat in bars or restaurants.

-The fuel factor is one of the biggest expenses to take into account. It must be estimated depending on the route of travel. It is not the same to go to a place and stay there, to have to travel to see different tourist spots and refuel many times. If the vehicle is diesel it will be cheaper.

-If you go by highways, you should anticipate the cost you will have on tolls.

-Remember that if you rent the motorhome in a tourist city, the daily costs are likely to be higher.

You should always contemplate the possibility that you may have some extra expense.

Enjoy the trip!