7 Benefits of surfing

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In addition to being able to surf in paradisiacal places with an excellent climate, being in constant contact with nature and meeting new people, who share the same interests, surfers have extra health benefits.

Advantages of surfing

 And the thing is that surfing, in addition to being a fun sport, is a great opportunity to keep ourselves in good physical condition, while still enjoying ourselves.

Take note of the benefits you will get from surfing. These are just a few …

1. In each session, with each stroke the muscles of the back, shoulders and legs are worked and toned. It strengthens the core area and is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps keep your heart healthy.

2. Exposure to the sun will help you obtain vitamin D, which is responsible for strengthening bones and regulating the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, among other things. Never forget to apply your sunscreen and renew it as many times as necessary.

3. Surfing improves your ability to balance. You are going to get on the board a thousand times while you are in the water, and that will gradually improve your ability to stand on the board. You can also practice balance while you are in the park or at home, with a skateboard, or an ordinary board with a ball underneath.

4. Consistent training increases your flexibility and also helps you prevent injuries, both in and out of the water. Carrying out a good warm-up and post-session stretching are fundamental factors to avoid muscle injuries.

5. It helps to counteract the effects of stress and so that you can rest better. According to studies carried out, practicing sports, including surfing, is beneficial for falling asleep and providing a good rest, something very important for your muscles to recover after each session.

6. It is a sport that involves being consistent and keep trying despite falls. It has its rules in and out of the water, and more than a sport, it is a lifestyle.

7. You will meet new spots and new friends with your same interests. You will perfect your techniques and you will be able to share experiences.

Dedicating time and effort to advance and wanting to be better every day in surfing will also provide you with a rewarding benefit on a personal level, since you will be meeting objectives, goals and challenges that you will set for yourself in the short and long term.

And tell me … Do you already know where you are going to catch waves this next weekend? Now that you know many of the benefits of surfing you have no excuses to miss your sessions!

 Good luck and good waves.