From island to island in the Canaries with your campervan

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The dream of many may be that today you decide to do; because going to all the Canary islands  in  a motorhome without having to worry about accommodation reservations, finding some where to stay, consider times the average pension of the hotel or what to take and what to leave when you pack to avoid excesses luggage among other things, it is a relief. So if you’ve set up and ready to begin your journey hopping from island to island, it will  come in handy to know which places you can not miss when planning your route activities on each island, we will tell you those witch we dont stop going to.

"From island to island in the Canaries with your campervan"

2 unmissable things to see in each island

The truth is that the smaller the island you go to, such as the island of El Hierro, there are more than two things worth seeing and knowing, but surely you will find them as you arrive or asking at tourist information, we have come up with these suggestions:


Las Cañadas del Teide, the imposing volcano and also the largest in Spain offers different routes to ascend either on foot, mountain bike or 4×4 and it also has a cable car, a National Park worthy meeting at any time of year.

Los Gigantes; a unique location in the south of the island, its incredible cliffs surround  small volcanic sandy beaches where there’s no shortage of fish, they can be seen with a simple look, not even in recommended diving sites.

La Palma 

Astro La Palma; It is a star observatory. “It will give a total impact”.

Charco Azul; They are natural pools where you can enjoy safe bathing in calm waters for children and adults ,

El Hierro

Eco-museum of Guinea; It is an open air museum in which there are several objects from different periods in addition to houses and streets as they were in their original form, perfect for exploring the culture of the island.

Healing Waters El Pozo de la Salud; a spectacular place to restore the wellness of the body inside and outside. The combination of iodized sea salt, volcanic minerals with descending  mountain water makes you consider them very healing (with legend included).

"From island to island in the Canaries with your campervan"

La Gomera

Garajonay National Park; You can find out about hiking activities at the visitor center Laguna Grande. Definitely a place to enjoy and connect with nature.

La Cascada Chorro del Cedro; It is a waterfall in the middle of the nature, surrounded by woods in which its inevitable to capture images to remember this beautiful place.


Beaches of Jandia and Cofete. Very large, warm, turquoise and  white;  are the beaches in the south. In the North with its delicate dunes, it has nothing to envy but to reach Cofete and know its history and its famous moonscape, is priceless.

Pueblo El Cotillo; there you can enjoy the bravery of the sea at the bottom of the cliffs or calm natural lagoons on the beaches formed by the movement of the tide, on the way to lighthouse.


Lago Verde; although it is protected by a barrier and you cannot go past, it is possible to walk through the environment and enjoy this natural wonder. A site that transmits a lot of peace and quiet, placed next to the (village)Pueblo del Golfo.

Jameos del Agua, this amongst four other attractions which includes: Cuevas de los verdes, these caves are one of the visits that you cannot miss. It is convenient to buy the day pass to see the entire set and save some money. There you can find the interpretation center of the volcano, the albino crabs that are found in a few places in the world, the natural pools, the architecture and art of its creator César Manrique that has left his marks in various parts of the island.

Gran Canaria

the Canaries is synonymous with good weather and beaches and that is why it’s inevitable to make this suggestion, the beaches of Maspalomas in the south of the island has fine golden sand that forms beautiful dunes where few different pictures can be taken, but there’s also the lighthouse of Maspalomas and the beach is that big there is room for everyone, from families to those who wish to do nudism.

Natural Monument Roque Nublo; another site that you cannot miss going. There is parking at the bottom and then you have to climb up a path about a kilometer and a half; not much but the climb a little tired so it is advisable to carry water to drink, hat and sunglasses for sun protection. If you choose the right day to do the tour, when the weather is clear, so once you reach the top you can enjoy the breathtaking view and see from there the islands of La Palma and Tenerife .


Do you agree with these sites? are they considered as the captive of each island?