Discover Fuerteventura on a Campervan

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This year discover Fuerteventura in a campervan. Big, spacious and the most convenient and flexible way to travel. Travelling in a camper around the island can become a dream come true


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Delve into Fuerteventura with the legendary Volkswagen California. Two pleasures in one.Trying it will make a difference in your life.


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This camper is the most versatile of all our vans. Spacious on the inside, small on the outside, it is comfortable to drive and very pleasant to travel in.


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Now free. Included in each rental

Seguro incluído

Insurance included

Km’s ilimitados

Unlimited kilometres

Asistencia 24/7

24hr road assistance

Traslado Aeropuerto

Airport transfers

Juego de Sabanas

Bedding kit

kit Cocina

Kitchen kit

Consejos de Viaje

Trip advice

Espacio Tablas Surf

Surfboard storage

Frequently asked questions

Can I drive the campervan?

Any person over 24 years old and with a driver’s license can drive the campervan and be covered by the insurance policy. You need to let us know of any other possible drivers beforehand and provide us with a photocopy of their driver’s licenses and ID card or passport.

Can you come pick me up at the airport?

Yes, we will go pick you up at whatever time your flight lands.

Is the campervan completely independent?

Yes, it is. It has its own fridge, hot water, heating, lighting and hygiene services.

How does a campervan work?

At the time of delivery we will inform and explain how the campervan works. However, don’t hesitate to contact us if during the trip you have any questions.

Is the mileage unlimited?

Yes. All our campervans have insurance. This covers damage to third parties with no limited amount and damages from € 500.00 left as a deposit in the rental fee. This means that all damages that are your responsibility, occur during the rental period, and are under € 500.00 will be deducted from the deposit fee.

For this reason it is very important to check the vehicle when you remove it from our premises or from your desired location. In the contract you should clearly identify any defects so as to avoid confusion and unpleasant surprises when returning the vehicle. The deposit will be returned once it is confirmed that the vehicle is the same state as when it was rented.

Can I park anywhere in Fuerteventura?

Yes, if not explicitly stated otherwise. Fuerteventura is possibly the best place in Europe to enjoy a campervan.
Parking or sleeping on the beach in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote with a motorhome or camper van is not a problem. Regardless, we recommend the following:

  1. 1: Stow the awning and camping chairs at night when you go to sleep. This will be considered as staying overnight instead of camping.
  2. 2: Along the entire coast there is a coast line marked in white. This is usually 20-40 meters from the sea. During the day you can cross this line but at night you should park behind it and not cross it.
  3. 3: Overnight stay in one spot is allowed for 48 hours. If you want to stay in one place longer, move the campervan 10 meters and thus start a new overnight stay.

Can I bring surfboards / kites / windsurf or bicycles?

Yes, all our motorhomes and campervans are prepared to carry sports equipment. The bicycle rack is optional in some of our vehicles and must be requested in advance.

Is there 220v in the campervan?

Yes, our vehicles have a 12v to 220v transformer which supplies power permanently, but the 12v battery is the one that consumes the power.

How can I make a reservation?

To confirm the reservation you only have to enter 150€ of the total rent fee through a wire transfer. The details of the pre-booking will be in the confirmation email that we will send you once we receive the booking request.

Will the campervan be clean when delivered?

The campervan is delivered totally clean and sanitized both inside and out and is ready for use. It must be returned in the same state and must have the grey water and chemical toilet tanks emptied out. Otherwise, 0 € will be deducted for cleaning costs.

Should I pay any additional fee to the daily rent fee of the campervan?

No, the only additional payment to the rent is the deposit fee which will be returned if there are no damages to the vehicle.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed provided you notify us in advance.

What should I do in case the campervan breaks down?

In the event that the vehicle breaks down, you should call the insurance company so that the tow truck can come and move the vehicle to the nearest mechanic. You should ask what the repair costs are and send us the invoice. Once we authorize the repair, you’ll inform the mechanic to begin repairing the vehicle. The insurance company will provide accommodation to the occupants of the vehicle. In the event that the damage cannot be repaired immediately, we have travel assistance that will take care of accommodating the vehicle occupants in a hotel near the dealership. In the event that the repairs take several days to complete, the travel assistance will pay the return of passengers to their city of origin.

What happens if I have an accident with the vehicle?

In case you have any kind of accident that prevents the continuation of the trip, the contract ceases automatically and there is no refund of the amount paid nor of the remaining days of rental.

Can I purchase an insurance policy so that the cost of the franchise costs 0.00 €?

No, since each vehicle has an annual insurance contract, you can not change the contractual terms of the policy and cannot reduce the cost of deposit.

What if I decide to cancel the reservation?

In case of a cancellation of the reservation, the following penalties will apply to the deposited fee:

  1. 1: If the cancellation is communicated within 30 days of the rental ... 50%.
  2. 2: If you communicate between 30 and 16 days before the start of the rental ......... ..80%
  3. 3: If you communicate less than 16 days before the start of the rental ...... 100%.

What if I want to stay more days or return the campervan late?

You must let us know if you want to extend the rental period beyond the established dates. The confirmation of the extension date is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. Unauthorized delays in the return will be penalized with a triple daily rate applied to the amount set in the contract.

What type of of fuel is used? How much do they consume?

Given that our customers usually drive many kilometers, the fuel is Diesel oil, which is cheaper and has an approximate consumption of 12/14 liters / 100 km. The engines are 2200cc with powers ranging between 100 and 130CV.

What is the cruising speed of a campervan?

The cruising speed is 100-110km / h at full load. The speed limit in Spain is 100 km / h. All our caravans can be driven with a type B driver’s license. You will be surprised at how easy they are to drive.

How big is a campervan?

The height varies between 2,64m. and 3,07m (rack not included), the width is 2.35M. and the length ranges between 6,36m. and 6,46m. depending on the model chosen. If there is a bike rack, it can add about 1 m to the length of the vehicle.

What things should I pay special attention to when driving a campervan?

Mainly height, with particular attention to bridges, balconies, height limits at gas stations, parking, tolls, etc. Take special care with tree branches.

When I get the campervan can I leave my car in the parking lot?

Yes, you can leave your car free of charge in our parking lot when you get and rent the campervan.

Where do I empty the liquid chemical toilet and grey water tanks?

They can be emptied at any gas station or camping site or at various points throughout the island that we’ll indicate.

Can I rent a campervan in winter?

Yes, all our vehicles are equipped with heating, both in the driver’s and main cabin.

What is the capacity of the water tanks?

It depends on the vehicle and the number of seats, but usually about 90 liters.

Can another person who’s not on the contract drive if I’m tired?

Yes, provided the driver meets the minimum insurance requirements, is over 24 years old and has had a driver’s license for at least 2 years.
If you have any further questions, please contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

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