¿Surfing? 5 things you can prevent when surfing

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In the ocean you can find all kinds of surprises, some of them unpleasant and that can give you a good scare such as meeting sea urchins, jellyfish, sea snakes and stingrays. Or in the worst case, have an encounter with a shark.

Surfer going surfing waiting standing on rocks timing entry jump into ocean waves.

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However, there are other risks that can be serious, such as accidents in the water. These can be avoided by being aware of the dangers and taking preventive measures to enjoy the waves to the fullest, without taking unnecessary risks.

Avoid getting hit by surfboards

It is true that in this sport there is a high percentage of being hit by a surfboard while in the water. In the worst cases, you can lose consciousness and be at risk of drowning. To avoid this type of accident, remember that the strap must be rotatable so as not to get entangled with it and be aware of surfing somewhat away from others, to avoid hitting or being hit by other surfers, especially if they are beginners.

Respecting the sea is the key

The force of the sea is immense, so you must be careful with the waves, as they can drag you or make you hit hard against the seabed, where there may be reefs and it is very likely that you will be injured.

Avoid going out to catch waves if the weather is not ideal or if a storm is approaching. Also, before going to a new spot, make sure it is safe and investigate if it has places that may be dangerous or not suitable for surfing.

Avoid muscle injuries

The least you want is to have to stop surfing because of a cramp or exhausted muscles. Before entering the water, do a warm-up to get your body in rhythm and prepare it for a few waves of good surf.

At the end of your session, do not forget to stretch and relax each muscle group. So you will be prepared to catch the best waves the next day!

Do not run out of communication

If possible, when you go out to sea, always go with a friend to help you in case a problem arises. If you go alone, try to tell them before leaving to a family member or friend where you plan to go surfing. Take your mobile, it will be essential in case you need to make an emergency call.

Protect your skin

The sun’s rays are very dangerous, and especially if you spend many hours in the water, with the reflection of the water the exposure is doubly harmful, you can suffer from sunstroke and serious burns. To avoid them, do not forget to apply waterproof sunscreen and renew it whenever necessary.