Super useful ideas to organize your motorhome!

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As we already know, a motorhome has very small spaces where our belongings must fit in such a way that we can make the most of the space and at the same time avoid clutter, so as not to feel overwhelmed during the trip. With a few tricks and maintaining order, you can gain some very valuable space, both inside and outside of your van.

Organize your motorhome ¡Its Easy!

It is important to be somewhat minimalist and wear only what is necessary. It is a difficult task but you can do it. This counts when choosing the clothes you are going to wear, cleaning and personal hygiene products and kitchen utensils. If you travel with children, reduce the number of toys they will carry.

Being a bit ingenious you can find many ways to carry more things distributed in small spaces. The idea is to take advantage of each hole to store belongings.

You can use boxes to store things inside. You will avoid them being messy and you will have everything in its place and safe for when the motorhome begins to move.

You can use boxes of various sizes and vacuum bags for things that take up a lot of space, like bedding. Those that contain elements of more frequent use, place them in front to have them more at hand and the rest of the things, of sporadic use, can be located at the bottom. Place boxes under your driver and passenger seat-

Take advantage of small spaces. Putting on hinges is a trick that will help you have extra spaces, such as hidden shelves and folding shelves in the side doors. You can make the most of your doors by hanging cloth organizers, bags, tools, or jackets and raincoats that are for daily use.

Bungee cords are our allies since they are always used to hold objects while we are driving. The magnets also help to fix small items and important papers, such as carrying a printed map on paper, to always have it in view and to closely follow the travel itinerary without deviating.

In the kitchen you can stick magnets to the lids of the jars and place spices, teas in them, or you can also keep the screws or small objects that are very useful such as lighters, batteries, glues, rubber bands, staples, etc. In this way they will be protected and in plain sight, to be used immediately in necessary cases.

To gain space outside your vehicle you can take advantage of the space on the roof by placing a roof tent or installing a hood.

There are many other simple ways to save space, if you are already an advanced traveller you will know many tricks. These are just some ideas to make the trip more enjoyable, over time and with repeated escapes the outings are perfected and it will no longer cost you so much to select what you have and what not. Enjoy the road!