Surfing in Fuerteventura? Practice it without risks with these tips

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Wave lovers often face certain inconveniences and dangerous moments within the sea. You should always practice this sport in the safest way possible, with a good team and respecting the rules of the place.

"Surfing in Fuerteventura? Practice it without risks with these tips"

Surf in Fuerteventura Enjoy it!

  • The awesome force of the waves

Maybe watching the waves from the beach seems calm but when you get into them you can feel their true potential. Strong waves can be a great danger for the surfer and more for those who are beginners. An onslaught can be so strong that you end up hit by rocks and suffer injuries. Before entering the sea, check the weather forecast data for the next few hours and make sure that no major storms are coming. There are applications for your mobile that provide this information updated minute by minute, without doubt they are very valuable tools for surfers, regardless of the level of experience they have. Respect for the strength of nature first of all!

  • Try not to surf only

It is advisable to go surfing accompanied by a friend or in case you go just warn the coastguard or get noticed by the other surfers. It is unlikely but not impossible that there is a risk of drowning. The causes can be very simple as if you hit strongly with the board of another bather, a blow to the head can leave you unconscious.

You can also get caught in the reef if the sea gets angry, you get separated from the board and you can’t swim. The risk is often not seen, but it is always there. Therefore it is better to take precautions and surf with responsibility.

  • Hazards of marine flora and fauna

When diving into the sea there can be dangerous areas such as inconspicuous rocks, corals and places with strong currents and a lot of waves. This can causes you to get hurt, with sharp wounds and you can lose control of your board, and even … the board.

Make sure before surfing that the place where you will take waves is safe, ask other surfers, locals and do not have any doubts, because once inside the water it is difficult to react if something unexpected happens. Also check that the area is free of jellyfish, sharks or rays so you do not get hurt and enjoy every minute between the waves.

Always keep control of your board while surfing, make sure your belt has a swivel to avoid entanglement with it and that it does not hurt you at the least opportune moment.

And finally, if you go to a beach that you do not know, always respect the territory of the local surfers and, as a precaution, stay away from those who are beginners, to avoid accidents.