Surf in Fuerteventura, what you Should know When Buying a Neoprene Suit

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If you are a beginner and you are thinking of buying a neoprene suit or if you need to change the one you already have from last season, in this post we will give you some guidelines on certain attributes that your next suit should have, to catch waves safely and comfortably .

In the market you will find a variety of brands, designs and prices that fit all types of budgets. When it comes to shopping do not forget that a good suit should have these characteristics…

"Surf in Fuerteventura, what you Should know When Buying a Neoprene Suit"

A good Neoprene suit to surf …

Zipper type

There are with rear zip, which are the most affordable. Then the front zippers are very comfortable to put on, flexible and a bit more expensive. Finally, there are no zippers, they are super flexible and the most expensive, being considered high-end.


Suit thickness

As for the thickness, it can be said that the thicker the suit, the less flexible it will be. And the truth is that to move with skill and dexterity on the waves you need a suit that has the appropriate elasticity to facilitate total freedom of movement.

Ideally, the suit you buy should be of a neoprene of the proper thickness at the water temperature of the beach where you are going to surf. The colder it is, you need a thicker suit like the ones of 4/3 mm to isolate you while you spend hours and hours in the water.

You can choose a type of suit with sleeves and long legs if the water is very cold. For warmer waters such as the in Fuerteventura shorty neoprene suits or one that combines long sleeves and short legs, 2 mm thick are the most comfortable and flexible.


Proper fit and comfort

The appropriate neoprene suit should be totally comfortable and with a good fit, it should not stay too loose, nor look like you are one size too big. Look for those that are made with Superstrech neoprene and check the level of thermal protection before buying it.

You must take into account if the suit has many seams can be somewhat uncomfortable, in addition the suits with so many seams tend to be less flexible.

Another thing that you should also pay attention to, is the type of inner lining that it has since it will make the suit more or less heavy, as well as warm.


Pay attention to the details

Remember that the neoprene suit you choose should stay tight, without wrinkles or air pockets. Check that the zippers work properly, that you have a pair of pockets to store keys or small belongings (this is a very valuable detail!).

Check that the seams are of quality and that they have a good seal, to avoid leaks. In this way you will ensure that the suit is durable, practical and resistant.