At what age can you start surfing?

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If you have noticed that your children like to spend a lot of time enjoying the water, a surfboard is a good gift for them to start in this sport from a young age.

This must be safe and efficient for the little ones to learn. If the chosen table is not suitable, they can quickly lose interest.

At what age can you start surfing?

Surfing… Yes! But at what age?

If you have doubts about choosing the correct table, here are some details that you should pay attention to:

-Children from 2 or 3 years old can already begin their first steps in surfing, having their first experiences with small waves. The practices must always be safe, with a life jacket and in the hands of instructors or parents who take into account the reactions of the child, their needs and learning capacity.

-If it is about children who are between 4 and 6 years old, they can move in a somewhat more independent way but always under the supervision of adults.

The surfboard can be a Soft board or a Fiberboard. To begin, it is advisable to choose a wide board that provides stability to the child and allows her to stand on the waves until she masters the technique. Choose those that are made with EPS foam as they provide durability and resistance.

– If children only go to the beach a couple of times a year and you have a limited budget to buy their first board, the Softboards are the most indicated.

They are maneuverable, provide greater stability and have greater buoyancy. They are ideal for quickly getting up and having fun in the waves without suffering accidents due to blows with the board.

– The minimum surfboards, such as the mini bugs are indicated for the little ones, they will help them to learn in less time and to feel comfortable with their board, both in and out of the water. There are also sets of fins with rubber edges for greater safety.

-If you think they already have a good level of coordination in the water, choose short boards such as the Mini Malibu or Evolutionary, which make paddling and take off easier.

-And if you want the board to last at least one season, Fish boards are suitable if children are going to spend a lot of time on the beach, since they can use them as they grow.

Without a doubt, the board you choose for them will make them very excited and they will want to release it as soon as possible. Enjoy spending time with them you will see that once they master the technique, you will soon see them moving in the water with as much skill as fish!