3 Ways to Carry your Surfboard in your Motorhome

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If you are a lover of outdoor life, you will surely enjoy valuable moments knowing beautiful places. Canarias is the ideal combination between good weather and the best beaches.

And here is always a good time to surf, no matter what time of year you visit the islands, they will always welcome you with good waves.

Taking your surfboard wherever you want is one of the many opportunities that the surfer offers to travel in a motorhome.

As you know, the motorhomes as well as making you save money by not having to pay accommodation in hotels, offer space to transport all your sports equipment comfortably and safely.

"3 Ways to Carry your Surfboard in your Motorhome"

Tips on how to carry your surfboard

2.Carry the table in the luggage rack

Logically not all motorhomes are the same, some allow you to carry things on the roof and in others you must install luggage racks if you already bring the roof bars where to place them. Those of steel will support more weight.

You must place foam protectors in the luggage rack, then raise the table or boards and arrange them with the tip forward, holding them with two tether straps. You can store several on top of each other, if they have the same profile.

In the event that you do not have a system where you can install luggage racks you must be very careful and verify that you are not going to damage the roof by placing one.

2.Carry them in the garage of the AC

The ideal solution is to take them inside, if your motorhome has enough space to store things. In this way it is avoided that they can be stolen or even that they fall off while driving.

You must take into account the length of each board so that they fit comfortably and hold them well, placing the covers so as not to damage the edges.

2.Engaged in the back

An ingenious and practical idea is to take them on a bike rack that will have to be modified so that the tables go upright, protected with their covers and correctly adjusted.

They do not take place inside the motorhome, and it is much cheaper than carrying them on the roof, since they do not offer resistance to the wind, therefore less gas is spent when traveling.

The ceiling is very delicate and sometimes screwing rods or loading it with a lot of weight can cause cracks to form where water leaks out and unwanted moisture builds up.

Before making any changes, it is recommended to consult professionals or seek references from other owners who have the same model of motorhome, to exchange information and make the most practical and accurate decision.