3 Bicycle Racks that you Can Choose for your Mobile Home

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If you still do not have one, today we tell you some of the options you can find in the market. You can take the bikes with you wherever you want, in a comfortable and safe way to enjoy walks between friends or with the family, without the risk of being fined for transporting them in an inappropriate way.

"3 Bicycle Racks that you Can Choose for your Mobile Home"

Travel by motorhome and always with your bike to enjoy more!


  • Bicycle rack for towing ball

These bicycle racks are hooked on the trailer ball of the motorhome. Depending on the model, up to 4 bicycles can be carried and they are usually accompanied by rear lights and a special space to place a second license plate for the motorhome. An example is the well-known Cross Cyclone 3 that comes with an anti-theft system.

Before buying them, it must be verified that these bicycle carriers are compatible with the tow ball model that we have placed.

This type of bike rack is very easy to use and manually foldable, which is very practical to open the tailgate without problems. The only drawback arises for those motor homes that do not have a tow ball attached. Installing it can cost around € 200 0 250 €.

  • Tailgate bicycle rack

They are the classic bike racks, there are them with capacity to transport up to 3 bicycles and they are universal, compatible with caravans and mobile homes. They are practical and offer security.

This type of rack for the tailgate are approved and are very easy to assemble and store when not in use, as they are light and take up little space.

Special care must be taken because the rack with the bicycles rests directly on the body of the caravan and the weight, plus the movement while driving on the road, can cause damage to the paint.

It is advisable to use additional accessories to support the bike carrier and hold the bikes very well so that they do not loosen during the trip. It should be noted that this type of bike rack is not suitable for use with tandem bicycles.

There are special covers to cover bicycles while transported in these rack, they are very useful to avoid damage with the sun, rain or snow. Those who have the bag to place the approved reflective signage panel are recommended.

  • Roof rack

They are universal bike racks that have a frame fixation and fit on any type of bicycle. There are also bike carriers for roof to fork and roof bars.

Through them you can transport bicycles comfortably on the roof of the motorhome. Great care must be taken to adjust the screws and bikes very well, to prevent them from loosening during the trip.

It is possible to adapt the same bicycle carrier to transport other elements, such as skis or surfboards.